Planning that next Party for your Children?

Birthday Party Planning Ideas for Children When planning a child’s birthday party, parents compare it to being as stressful as planning a wedding. The details are tedious and can take months to plan. It may seem like the older your child gets the longer the list of things to do.

Things like the theme, food, and entertainment are all a part of throwing a good children’s birthday party. How many people should be invited? Do I have to serve the classic cake and ice cream? Is pin the tail on the donkey the only party entertainment kids like? We are going to answer all these questions and more.

A children’s birthday party is a time to create memories as your child gets older. Stress over cake and decorations shouldn’t interfere with that. So, let’s get started by keeping things simple but organized.

Basic Birthday Party Tips

Keep The Theme Simple: It can be hard not to go overboard when planning your child’s special day. However, remember the idea is for the children to have fun. You don’t want to complicate things with elaborate themes. Try these ideas for choosing a theme:

  • Use your child’s favorite cartoon or movie character.
  • Go with a theme that has their favorite color, like daisies if they like yellow.
  • Play dress up. For example, have all guests dress up in lab coats for a mad scientists themed birthday party.

Plan In Advance: The overwhelming feeling of planning a children’s birthday party can be reduced if you have time. Take about two to four months to plan, make a list, and check off each task as you complete it. So, when the big day arrives you’ll have more time to enjoy the party with your child.

Invite The Same Number Of Kids As Your Child’s Age: The thought of cleaning up after 20 children will stress any parent out. Honestly, your child probably only wants their closest friends celebrating with them. Save yourself money and clean up time by making the guest list small. It’ll be worth it later

Party Entertainment Suggestions

Games And Prizes: Games are an obvious entertainment source at a children’s birthday party, but that’s because it works. There are choices like musical chairs, a treasure hunt, or an egg race. Kids also enjoy winning prizes just as much as playing the games. So, giving away candy or a small toy at the end of each game will always be a hit.

An Inflatable Bounce House Rental: An inflatable bounce house is an inflatable closed trampoline that comes in many sizes and themes. They can be rented for events, like a children’s birthday party, for hours of jumping fun. Here are some reasons an inflatable bounce house rental will make your child’s party better:

  • Party rental places, like Amazing Jumps Tents & Events, offer deals to fit your budget.
  • Inflatable bounce houses are easy to set up and clean up.
  • Your child and their guest get both exercise and entertainment all-in-one.

Hit The Dance Floor: Sometimes your child entertaining their guest is all you need. Play their favorite song and let them show off their best dance moves. Invite the guest to join in after a while for the ultimate dance contest. This is also a good way for the parents to learn some of the latest dances

Food Tips

Food Network has a list of ideas for food for your next party. However, keep Food Allergies In Mind: Don’t hesitate to ask parents of the kids coming to the birthday party about food allergies. Allergies can range from a mild strawberry allergy to a more severe reaction to peanuts. It’s important that you leave these foods out when planning your child’s birthday party menu. The last thing you need is the party to end in a trip to the emergency room.

Think Outside Of Just Ice Cream And Cake: These two things are always expected at a children’s birthday party. But you can offer these options without sticking to tradition. Try serving cupcakes that the kids can decorate themselves. You can also create a sundae bar with various ice cream and topping options to choose from.

Give Your Leftover Treats Away As Party Favors: One thing all parties have in common is guests don’t mind parting gifts. It makes them feel good about attending the festivities. So don’t stress if you have more leftover candy or cupcakes than expected. Just put them in a nice party bag and give them away as the guests are leaving.

Have A Great Birthday Party

I hope that you find these ideas useful the next time you’re planning a child’s birthday party. So, there will be more time celebrating their yearly milestone than there is stressing over the details. Birthdays are only once a year and should be fun for both, parent and child.